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Roofs Cleaning Tips:

Do you think tile roof cleaning is the same as other cleaning? You need to know the tiles are made up with what and how much pressure or load they can carry while cleaning.

Terra cotta tile – they are very likely to be brittle while walking on top. Crews should be professional enough in walking on the ties and better if they are light weight. Then next question comes, which attachment you will gonna use. As it is not a flat roof, rotary surface cleaner won’t work properly. Spray wand (pressure gun) can be used instead to thoroughly clean all surfaces and overlapping areas as well thus making the type of tile cleaning a bit more labor intensive.

Metal roofing – Depending the type of metal roof whether it heavy or light, crews might need access equipments like cherry picker to reach. Pressure gun will be only choice if crews can’t work standing on the roof.

Important: Avoid use of any chemicals like chlorine or bleach to clean roof. They can rust nail heads (if any) or metal sheeting. Swelling of rust may lead to roof leaks.

The roof of your house is often forgotten – until there is a problem that is! But proper cleaning and maintenance of your roof can help prevent problems from occurring in the first place, by removing built-up contaminants whilst also checking for any areas that are in need of repair.

Do you provide roof cleaning?

Yes, We do

Are you thinking about Gutter Cleaning as well?

Gutter cleaning, drainage downpipe and drainage screen cleaning; all of these can be taken care by BlastAwayService professionals. We will clean debris thoroughly and flush the downpipe.

What would happened if you something broke?

BlastAwayService professionals are fully insured for their action and would take appropriate safety precautions while cleaning your roofs and gutters.


“Your parking garage is a vital structure that gets used by hundreds and even thousands of your clients, tenants, employees – important people- everyday. Don’t settle for what I’ve seen happen so many times before. What initially looks like a bargain gets you only half the job you expected. Is the price you pay worth the 50% result you’ll get?” Ahmed B.A.S.

Parking Garage Pressure Cleaning Tips:


Parking and garage usually get oil, gum or stains from hundreds and even thousands of clients, tenants, visitors etc. Do you want to really what these cleaned? Do you want to get rid of the stains, cobwebs, debris or sour smells in stairs? Do you want to stop complain when tracked oil and gunk sticks on shoes?

Wish to get your carpark or garage cleans right way. Blastawayservice prides ourselves on 100% client satisfaction.


Tips for pressure cleaning pool and patio surfaces, be they natural stone, pavers, or pool decks

Pool and surrounding enclosures can be cleaned effectively and in a safe manner.

Question: Will my natural sandstone, keystone and marble become clean and will pressure cleaning harm it?

Answer:  Our crews are professional in dealing with these surfaces. In fact most of the actual cleaning / stain removal and mold / algae removal is done with hot and cold water jest that allow in low to medium pressure for cleaning all your surface.

You must ensure where the dirt water will gonna go.

What does that mean?

Especially in the case where the pool area is dirty, our professionals needs to have experienced and able to make a plan for how to channel dirt the water away from the pool and to drain off the pool or patio. Pools with a raised deck around the edge becomes less cumbersome. However, even if you have best arrangement set up, sometimes a bit of dirty water may drift into the pool Book an appointment before cleaning your pool to have nice vibrant look of pool and patio!

Building Cleaning Tips:

Building exteriors need to be cleaned. But there are very few companies you can trust to get the job done right!

So, what are the reasons and how do we figure out how to select the right pressure cleaning services?

TIP #1

Commercial, retail shopping malls or industrial buildings more often get:

  • Dirty with black mildew or mold
  • Road Grime If the building is located near airport or near a busy traffic road?

Aside from a dirty look, the mildew, algae, mold or , road grime, exhaust stain is been glued with the paint. Want to make sure the building looks better for longer and save money in maintenance? Consider a pressure cleaning service for building exterior from professionals like us!

TIP #2

Looking for professional who can finish job EASY!

Read our references, look at reference photos and give us a go to do the job for your  office, high rise, or office building exterior and will definitely call us next time. We are value our customers.

Store sidewalk & storefront exterior Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Tips for Retail stores:

TIP #1

Know thyself:

Think what happens when a customer stand in front of your store, see shabby or moldy walls, dirty awnings. Do you want your customer to see these?

How do you think how long a customer can stay if they see the walls have mildew or the sidewalks might have mold or old chewing gum spots?

Looking at gumspots, bugs or cobwebs and cocoons around corners of windows or doors and metal racks, how likely is the customer stay or come back?

Pressure cleaning of your storefront and store aisle can solve all these issues and present your store the best light to your customers.

TIP #2

How Pressure cleaning clean up change an unappealing store front or retail shopping center?

Pressure cleaning is a process by which not only high pressure water jet is used, but also in case with our company, Blastawayservice pressure cleaning with a big storage of sophisticated accessories, and procedures that:

Safe hot or cold water jet to remove gum spots

Remove ugly blackish rust stains or hard water calcium stains

Smoothly clean greyish awnings, windows or doors with a mild detergent or a power rinse

Waterjet sweep away debris, bugs or cocoons or cobwebs in a way which is completely safe for painted , metal or timber surfaces